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Everwar (Cal Leandros, jI have put of reviewing this book as I really am not sure how I felt so I willust wing itThe Good I enjoyed the characters Anje Brin and Trey although Trey seems to be a popular male name used in Erotica The chemistry between the three of them was great and I liked the Anje was a strong female The first sex scene MFM them was great and I liked the Anje was a strong female The first sex scene MFM hot hot hotThe okay As the book progress the sex scenes become MMF and MM This is where I started skimming for as much as I have tried to see the allure of MM sex I ust is not for meThe not so good The sci fi paranormal elements overwhelmed me at times In saying that I am not a huge paranormal reader and had this not been a book of the month I probably wouldn t have read it at allThe annyoing When I read an erotic novel I don t like to think about my mother or God so by the time I read the word mother for the hundreth time and God 90 times I was going oh no not again view spoilerMother be praisedMother how she longed for HomeSweet MotherMother Have MercyMother MotherMother have MercyMother HearthMother strike her for her stupid lustMother help herMother save herThank the Mother for thatMother Trey had been rightGreat MotherGods he was lovelyGods what a stinkGods it was gorgeousGods you re tightGods what a foolGods sorryOkay okay you get it hide spoiler This it was gorgeousGods you re tightGods what a foolGods sorryOkay okay you get it hide spoiler This can only be described as the most delicious erotic fantasy ever EVER I m married but if I ever come across Brin my The Law of the love goddess Lufra states that no man may take his pleasure inside any part of a woman's body unless she has climaxed first Each time every time But when warrior scout Anje is taken captive by Brin Lufra's shaman she discovers that not even divine law can protect her from the erotic wiles of two determined menHuge dark and enigmatic Brin wears a tattoo of the holy. .

Secrets of the Tudor Court (Tudor Court Henrietta Snow
Usband will ust have to understand Sorry honey The character development is exceptional the world building displays her talent and the sex is ust freaking hawt I ve bought everything she s written and I must say that this is by far #Her Best Novel Deliciously Indulgent It S Worth Ordering Now #best novel Deliciously indulgent it s worth ordering Now do it You won t be sorry Excellent writing good world building and hot sex I want to read from this author Anje is a scout for the Children of the Mother They depend on her to retrieve information that will let them live another summer but during her mission she s taken captive by Trey and Brin Men Who Believe Her To Be The Gift Of men who believe her to be the Gift of a sexual goddess Determined to awaken her to her two purpose they set about seducing her Anje thinks she can take whatever they dish out but Brin is a shaman of his people and well trained in the erotic arts She can t resist him for long They are all pawns in the goddess s game but Anje is determined to winI loved this book Right away it grabbed me and didn t let go until the very end The characters are compelling with their own uniue problems needs and desires They re all three determined to get their own way though Trey plays a submissive role to the dark and dominating Brin At the beginning of each chapter the author included a poem or a short paragraph detailing a little of the background of the world usually told in beautiful words by an. Dragon on his magnificent body Years of erotic training have given him skills and stamina Anje cannot match But it's the strength of his will that threatens to conuer her very soul while his beautiful young friend Trey has a bravado and a vulnerability that make her mouth waterAnje fears Brin's arrogant prediction may be true You'll surrender scout and you'll glory in it You'll. Gift of the Goddess Phoenix Rising #1

Denise Rossetti å 6 review

Historian These little bits of information color the world although all detail in this book is simply amazing including the settings the characters and the different creatures and people populating it I was amazed at how in depth the world building was This book was not ust about the erotic play between the three main characters although there is a lot of sex I really came to care about the characters by the end and the book left off with a satisfying conclusion That s it I m hereafter a fan of Denise Rossetti I m thinking of putting this author on my buy automatically when I see her books listThis is the one time where the story is ust as hot as the cover and LOOK at that cover I wouldn t throw that one out of the bed for godiva chocolatesWell this develops into the most wonderful of mmf combinations and the writing is hot without being stupid smutty or those stories where they have to insult your intelligence before getting to the good stuff Okay Obviously Most People Don T most people don t read erotica for any other reason then the sex scenes but for those who enjoy it this story DID have a storyline which admitedly involves sex and there were things that did happen beyond the sex so overall I rather enjoyed this story Erotic Romance is a phrase I ve heard in relation to this story but I don t worry too much on category namesPersonally I think it was ust great fu. Abandon yourself and adore it Because you trust trust absolutely Screaming and cursing her ecstasy she learns that dark raptures are addictive But neither man is what he seems and all three are pawns in a suicidal scheme to placate an angry goddess Saving her lovers will take everything Anje's got as a woman and a warriorNote This book contains graphic malemale sexual interacti. .

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