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This was an awesome collection of first "Hand Accounts From British Canadian And Polish "accounts from British Canadian and Polish during the Battle of Britain This book uses personal recollections to show what it and Polish during the Battle of Britain This book uses personal recollections to show what it actually like to train for the RAF and its coun Excellent account of this historic stand as told by those who took part I appreciated that there were accounts from both British and German fighters One of the few books I would consider reading again This is blunt well done oral history simply presented without pointless elaboration or superfluous historical commentary by the author Even as their present day numbers dwindle to nothing Max Arthur has acuired and preserved survivors personal accounts of the ferocious critical air battle over Great Britain that followed the fall of France in May 1940 Nationalities of the narrators include not just Brits but also refugee Poles Czechs a vital source of experienced Luftwaffe fighting pilots in the earliest days of the air war Germans and various Anglos from throughout the under duress Empire Thankfully the interviews are not exclusively with Fighter Boys but also encompass the memories of round crew arrs WAAF tracers plotters BBC correspondents and others A few of the Famous are here such as Suadron Leader Douglas Bader and Fighter Command s sole Victoria Cross winner Flight Lt James Brindley N This book is ood for even people not into military history due to its readability and easily digestible presentation I loved this book and was thrilled to read firsthand accounts. After the fall of France in May 1940 the British Expeditionary Force was miraculously evacuated from Dunkirk Britain now stood alone to face Hitler's inevitable invasion attemptFor the German Army to be landed across the Channel Hitler needed mastery of the skies the RAF would have to be broken so every day throughout the. ,

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Last of the FewEnt times This fragmentation of voices makes it hard to read but does provide many interesting stories of the battle Last of the Few really opened my eyes to the sacrifice the British airmen made during the Battle of Britain Thank you Max Arthur for writing such "An Important Segment Of History "important segment of history was a time before America entered World War II when the British fought absolutely alone France and the rest of Europe was one Hitler had crushed all other opposition the Russians were in a pact with the Nazi s and the British army had been evacuated from Dunkirk leaving almost all of their euipment behind hitler almost all of their euipment behind Hitler planning to invade Britain to end the war in the west he would then no doubt have crushed Russia The only thing stopping Hitler was the Royal Air ForceThe RAF made up of pilots from all over the British Empire reinforced by pilots from the conuered countries of Europe had to be eliminated before Hitler s invasion fleet could sail the short distance from France and England These pilots were set upon by wave after wave of German fighters and bombers and performed brilliantly holding the Nazi s at bay and foiling Hitler s plansWhat is really excellent about Last of the Few is that it is written by the pilots themselves both the RAF defenders and the German attackers It is the very personal story of how these men lived fought and in many cases died The heroism of these pilots and what they did during the Battle of Britain must always be remembered Everything we have today is owed to the Few. Depended on the outcome of that summer's battleBritain's air defences were badly battered and nearly broken but against all odds 'The Few' as they came to be known bought Britain's freedom many with their livesThese are the personal accounts of the pilots who fought and survived that battle We will not see their like again. .

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the British either Some of these men really had remarkable experiences that are shocking and difficult to rasp the hugeness of If you like this "I RECOMMEND INTO THE SWARM AS "recommend Into the Swarm as as They Gave Me A Hurricane This is not a book you sit down and read cover to cover There is no story line just 2 3 paragraphs per pilot written about their circumstances or a particular flight Interesting in a historical anecdotal way uick read Great that Sgt Lambert could et His Story Down For story down for Plain Jane The Hotshot generationsSad to see WWII vets disappearing from the scene that have n3ver been honored for their service If you like military history this is a very remarkable book It is not a narrative history From cover to cover it consists of long and short 1st person uotes from RAF pilots recounting missions they flew during the 4 5 month long Battle of Britain It puts you in the cockpit with them day after day as they take off and fight wave after wave of German fighters and bombers To say it is riveting is putting it mildly With typically dry British humor they describe the chaos and confusion of fast dogfights victories defeats andetting shot down by enemy planes they didn t even see Through it you see their fears not so much of dying but of being badly wounde It was an interesting read but very fragmented This book tells the story of the pilots in the Battle of Britain mostly from the British side However each section is very short so you keep coming back to the same pilots words at differ. Summer German bombers pounded the RAF air bases in the southern counties Greatly outnumbered by the Luftwaffe the pilots of RAF Fighter Command scrambled as many as five times a day and civilians watched skies criss crossed with the contrails from the constant dogfights between Spitfires and Me 109s Britain's very freedom. ,