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Essential Biology with PhysiologyD try a different introductory biology book I read this textbook as part of a biology class this summerOverall one could make an argument that it deserves than two stars because it s not really worse than typical college textbooks "I Don T Buy ThatFirst The Good "don t buy thatFirst the good its introduction scientific method coverage population community and cosystem Mystery at Kittiwake Bay ecology sections were very good The scientific method coverage in particular took pains to define the scope of scientific discourse very precisely andxplicitly stated that other fields such as religion can also help us to know nature I appreciated thatThe community and Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files ecosystem sections in particular seemed well written They didn t just state ideas they described the studies that supported them and activelyncouraged critical thinking about those studies and their results In my class we Read Those Sections First So I Had those sections first so I had hopes for the textbook as a wholeThe book covers a very broad set of topics and some in surprisingly deep detail It has a good index and glossary as wellUnfortunately most of the book follows this patternThing A performs function X Thing B performs function Y Thing C does Z They fit together as A B C See figure 8 23h repeat over and over with different values of ABC XYZThat is very little The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, explanation of why we believe this is the case how we learned about it how the scientific method was applied in the acuisition of this knowledge or any disagreement among biologists as to the accuracy of the information They did have very occasional sections on this butntire chapters might be almost completely devoid of it Almost never does the book cite its sources for facts itherAs I was reading the chapters on cells which have amazingly intricate chemical properties spelled out I kept wondering when and how did we manage to figu. The material and provide real world xamples of how the scientific method is appliedBiology Today CELLS Essential Chemistry for Biology The Molecules of Life A Tour of the Cell The Working Cell Cellular Respiration Obtaining Energy from Food Photosynthesis Using Light to Make Food GENETICS Cellular Reproduction Cells from Cells Patterns of Inheritance The Structure and Function of DNA How Genes are Controlled DNA Technology EVOLUTION AND DIVERSITY How Populations Evolve How Biological Diversity Evolves The Evolution of Microbial Life Plants Fungi and the Move onto Land The Ev. I think this is useful Read it for a class and helped me than the actual professor From there you can tell how helpful and good this book is Probably the best bio TEXTBOOK I VE EVER HAD IN THE RESPECT THAT I ve An Italian Education ever had in the respect that lists off the social perspective Finish Ch 15 29 never finished ch 15 29 For a science textbook this book was veryasy to read It was well structured full of pictures and diagrams and written in an asy conversational tone that for once did NOT feel like it was talking down to me Definitely was a great choice for a biology class geared towards students who are not science majors I am not good at sciences specially biology but this Book Made It A Lot Easy To made it a lot asy to the concepts behind biology and made parts rather interesting It has a non biology major feel to it which makes it less stressful for the student I only got a B in the class but if it would have been any other textI d of probably failed 2 starsWelcome to the most unmotivated presentation of biology one of the applicable sciences I have ver seen The introduction the usual from Daddy Wanted every other science textbook was fine but when it started to introduce the necessary chemistry the book just started going downhill For one the chemistry touched upon focused forever on the most intuitive parts and glossed over the difficulties ie the specifics that you actually do need to know and I d say this kind of attitude was present throughout the whole work For another when it was introduced it was barely touched upon in any other chapters leading me to believe it might have beenasier to introduce on an as needed basis Its treatment of the diversity of life was also lacking at best and so much of the way this book flowed seemed like it had been Forbidden Stranger edited hundreds of time making it so lifeless to read Please do yourself a favor an. Hailed for its clear writing scientific accuracy and real worldxamples Essential Biology with Physiology is a brief non majors biology text that focuses on the core concepts readers need to make scientifically informed decisions throughout their lives The book covers four major topics cells genetics Snowy River Man evolutiondiversity andcology followed by nine chapters on animal and plant physiology Human applications and the most up to date information on important issues show readers how biology relates to their own lives New Process of Science sections within the text draw readers into.

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Re THIS out It was almost never xplained It would have been so fascinating if it had beenThen there is the tendency to put out rather unsupportable statements such as this little gem from page 595Composed of up to 100 billion intricately organized neurons with a much larger number of supporting cells the human brain is powerful than the most sophisticated computer OK thought provoking yes But how can you scientifically valuate the power of a computer and a brain on objective terms I m not sure I can valuate the power of a computer on objective terms the brain on objective terms I m not sure I can valuate the power of a computer on objective terms the power is just way too imprecise let alone that of a brain They cite no source of imprecise let alone that of a brain They cite no source of there is no discussion or background of it It s just thrown out there then discarded I hate that If you re going to say something that interesting at least make a feeble attempt to back it upThey also have a habit of saying things are almost always true such as on p 383 where they say Solar nergy powers nearly all The Carpenters Wife and Heart of Stone ecosystems But they rarelyxplain what the Celtic Fire (Rogue Angel, exceptions are leaving you to wonder whether a givenxample is an The Family Plan exception or a rule OK so it s obvious here but it happenslsewhereThey do have a number of helpful figures in the book though they ve probably gone overboard on the photos of athletes and things Yes muscles make us run I get it alreadyThis is an introductory textbook so perhaps I am overly harsh here But I ve read other introductory textbooks that are given to precise language and don t have chapters that are just A Family Practice endless lists of definitions and functions butxplain how we got there This book could have so easily been A Doctor in Her Stocking (From Here to Maternity excellent It s good for a basic biology textbook Couldn t find mydition but this been Celebrity Bachelor excellent It s good for a basic biology textbook Couldn t find mydition but this the closest resultThe writing and visuals were very user friendly I m not into science but I liked reading this for bi. Olution of Animals ECOLOGY The Ecology of Organisms and Populations Communities and Ecosystems Human Impact on the Environment ANIMAL STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION Unifying Concepts of Animal Structure and Function Nutrition and Digestion Circulation and Respiration The Body's Defenses Hormones Reproduction and Development Nervous Sensory and Motor Systems PLANT STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION The Life of a Flowering Plant The Working PlantFor all readers interested in a biology text that focuses on the core concepts readers need to make scientifically informed decisions throughout their live.

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