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Rums HER REACTION WAS PERFECT JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF BELIEVABLE AND NOT BITCHY It was perfectly in character I LOVED HER THE HIGH RATING IS BASICALLY ALL HER I also loved how she jumps in his defence and how she is super sweet and caring and how she is caught up in insecurities AND I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED THE 14 YEAR AGE DIFFERENCE and how she is caught up in insecurities AND I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED THE 14 YEAR AGE DIFFERENCE THEM I SO LOVE MAY DECEMBER ROMANCES The hero was also perfect the perfect amount of asshole and sweet protective husband I loved the ending so much Overall this book was a super sweet fluffy wonderful book Recommended to anyone who loves May December tropes There were a few Things I Didn T Like I didn t like such as1 Many self introspection by the heroine and that she always thought the wrong things 2 The detailsdescriptions of how different was the heroine and the hero I mean she was poor worked in shop her clothes and shoes were cheap she was less sofisticated than the other women that appear in the whole story and so on3 The author used an ansgty situation to make the hero realise and say I love you first The heroine and hero had a verbal discussion so she went to the bathroom and cried a lot then she went to bed and fell asleep Next she woke up and felt she was bleeding but don t worry she didn t lose the baby However the cherry of the pie was the epilogue I LOVED it It was 13 pages and a half and she got pregnant again with twins I also liked the age gap between the main characters 14 years Xx 35 stars rounded up Her new husband was a cat litter billionaire Oh Sharon Kendrick you now what we want to see happen to the evil OWs of HPs This is a fun story of an arrogant Italian billionaire who picks up the heroine while Christmas shopping She s a temporary clerk selling candles at a high end department store just for the Christmas season At 21 she had never been out of Cornwall and wanted to experience London Hero buys six candles asks her out and then forgets the candles Heroine brings him the candles for their dinner date the next day Hero seduces her and is alarmed that she is a virgin He thinks it s a cynical ploy to hold out for the richest guy to hold out for the richest guy he won that contest He doesn t plan on seeing the heroine again until she calls him in a panic Seems he forgot to pay for the candles and the store is accusing her of theft Hero goes to her rescue and while the heroine was sacked from her job she won t be charged Heroine doesn t want to go home in disgrace Hero suggests she live with him until Christmas EveFor once the story got interesting after the heroine found out she was pregnant and the hero insisted they marry There is drama surrounding the hero s family and his twin who inherited everything when they both turned 21 To add insult to injury his fiancee decided to marry the rich brother The hero takes the heroine to meet this charming couple and drama ensues Poor heroine had a lot of angst and hero was cold to herThere is a miscarriage scare and a declaration that the ultra sound operator is privy to Very cute As was the epilogue This is just a solid Presents story with all the delights of an Ely at Giancarlo's mercy She finds herself agreeing to be his mistress for ChristmasBut will an unexpected gift make this temporary festive arrangement last a lifetim. The only reason it isn t one star is THAT IT IS READABLE OTHER THAN THAT IT DOESN it is readable Other than that it doesn work at allThe H genuinely does not give a shit about the heroine at all view spoilerNot until she s pregnant with his id and even about the heroine at all view spoilerNot until she s pregnant with his id and even he only tells her he loves her when he s fucking her and later when he thinks she s miscarrying hide spoiler To be honest I forgot about this story and hour after I read it I really wasn t fond of the writing style in this one or the dialogue or scenarios This plot is something I like but the way it was written didn t evoke anything from me 35 starsHero goes through women life wanting no lovecommitment because Mom and dad left all the millions to his two minute older brother and said brother didn t offer a decent share instead he stole the H s gold digger fianc e He earned all his money though he already had the degree so he didn t slum itHeroine has had no adventure in life because she lives in a small town plus her father passed away and mom was depressedViolet eyed heroine is working in a department store in London just for the Holidays when the Uber handsome Hero sees and wants her They have an affair and then break up because she wants and realizes he only wants a fk buddy A few weeks after that she calls to tell him she s preggers and he goes looking for her to demand marriage for the iddo s sake not without asking if the baby was his first and the typical I ll see you in court threat They marry uickly only with the heroine s besotted with the hero mom and a friend now she s mom and a friend Now she s because instead of an average honeymoon they go to meet his family and the gold digging ex fianc e now sister in law is poisoning her while he s trying to mend old wounds with his brother and trying to be thoughtful with his new bride They go back to London and she wants to meet his friends but everything is a mess and she s giving up on trying to fit in his world Then view spoilerthere s a miscarriage scare hide spoiler What A Jack AssThe hero is insufferable arrogant and suspicious surprise Cassandra the heroine is actually uite adorable and does try and stand up for herself Sadly that only goes so far because Signore Capello Ass threatens view spoiler to take the baby She gives in reluctantly hide spoiler The hero Giancarlo sees the heroine Cassie working in a busy department store finding her totally captivating he asks her to have dinner with him Cassie is a little surprised by the offer Giancarlo is so much than anyone she has ever met at first she declines his offer but then changes her mind They end up spending the night together and Giancarlo is overwhelmed by both Cassie s innocence and her spirit He asks her to spend a couple of weeks with him making it clear that it is only a short term affair that he is offering and Cassie agrees The time they spend together is full of passion and they become close but by the end Cassie realises that she doesn t belong in Giancarlo s world and their eventual parting is less than amicable A few weeks later and Cassie is still thinking about Giancarlo and worried about what his re. His pregnant mistress When renowned international playboy Giancarlo Vellutini invites shop assistant Cassie Summers to join him for dinner how can she refuse After al. .

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Action will be when she has to contact him to tell him that she is pregnantWhile this is a tried and tested plot the execution of this book is pretty much perfect I am a Big Fan Of Sharon Kendrick And I fan of Sharon Kendrick and I it when she write the gentle hero The hero in this book manages to be that as well as having all the alpha traits you would want There is a lot of emotion and passion in all of the hero and heroine s interactions and the whole story has a wonderful flow The relationship actually develops over the story by that I mean we the readers actually get to see how the characters get to now one another and fall in love rather than a book where the timeline jumps a lotThis is a nice yet passionate read I enjoyed itOriginally posted at Heroine is a poor shop girl and hero is an arrogant alpha Italian hero who meets Cassie when he stops by her shop She finds herself agreeing to be his mistress for Christmas but when their time together ends she discovers she is pregnant and Giancarlo decides that marriage is the only solution Cassie accepts but she wants his love as well However Giancarlo is fixated on the past his rivalry with his brother and the woman that he loved and lost cause she left him for his brother Loved it The angst is delicious the hero is very arrogant and proud and I love hard heroes Cassie is a very sweet loving insecure heroine but I would be too if the love of my life was 15 years older than me and a billionaire aristocrat Giancarlo is uite a dark hero so it was lovely to read how Cassie and their baby healed him and made him whole But don t read this if you don t love super alpha heroes It took me a little time to warm up to both Giancarlo and Cassie In the beginning Giancarlo was ind of a wooden character very distant and hard to relate to and Cassie honestly gave up the goods to 45 stars rounded to 4 because the I didn t like the beginning very much it wasn t interesting at all Heroine comes from a small town is working in a department store The moment hero sees her he turns into Boner Man he is super attracted to her He invites her to dinner she accepts they have her He invites her to dinner she accepts they have She agrees to become his mistress until Christmas then leave They have a wonderful time during which it was super obvious that heroine is deeply in love with him I loved the heroine btw She was super sweet ind with such a big heart and she wasn t a doormat She stood up for herself had spirit and spunk and was basically THE MOST ADORABLE HEROINE EVER Anyway so it is obvious she is in love with him She has a lot of pride and self respect and does not accept any of his money and when the time comes to leave she does not take any of his gifts with her I really really admired that about her So she comes back home and discovers she s pregnant She calls him because he has a right to The Fixers know I admired that SO much about her too Heroines never EVER do that any I loved her for it She was so strong and independent AND JUST PERFECT Giancarlo of course proposes orders her to marry him and even though she resists at first she doesn t go OTT refusing and throwing tant. L she is an ordinary girl from Cornwall and chances like this don't come round very often Throwing caution to the wind before shenows it unworldly Cassie is complet. ,

Shameful Secret Shotgun Wedding