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After reading the Daughter s Of Promise Series It Was Promise series it was to read the behind the scene things that were happening in that series The Land of Canaan series lets me find out what was going on with those family members that had moved away The struggles with healing and love are so endearing I can t wait to get started on the next book Every once in a while I get in the mood for a bit of Amish romance don t tell anyone I picked p this one because of the Colorado setting While I liked this book there were so many plot lines that I sometimes got lost I also felt like I wasn t really experiencing the romance between Emily and David though I enjoyed their interactions Overall this is a solid book but with a little too much going on I liked it all the same and will seek out the next one in the series one of the best books i have ever read Very good book This book shows how important communication is in a family Seeking God and keeping our eyes on Him is a reoccuring theme We are all nworthy but we should not forget how much God lo. What would cause the Amish to move to Colorado leaving family and friends behindSome Amish are making the trek to Colorado for cheaper land Others are fleeing strict bishops with long memoriesFor Emily Detweiler and her family the move is personal Tragedy struck

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in Ohio shaking everything she believed was firm including her faith Her family took the bold step of leaving Ohio
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Ves s and has given for How to Win an Argument... Even When You Lose us Also this book remindss Of How We Cannot how we cannot away From The Past But Must the past but must with it We all need friends and this book brings this out I would highly recommend this book Title SEEK ME WITH ALL YOUR HEARTAuthor Beth WisemanPublisher Thomas NelsonOctober 2010ISBN 978 1 59554 824 5Genre InspirationalAmishEmily Detweiler and her family are looking for a new beginning They have joined the Amish moving west to Colorado The climate in Colorado is very different than what they are sed to in Ohio so to make ends meet Emily is working at a salvage store while her father and brother install is working at a salvage store while her father and brother install panels Everything is going well ntil an ill tempered Amish man walks into the shopDavid Stolzfus s family moved west for the cheaper farmland David is bound and determined to save his money so he can return to Lancaster County where his extended family and friends are And he senses that his parents aren t honest with him as the reason why they moved He is attracted to the kind and beautiful Emily but both of them. O resettle in a small Amish community in Canaan Colorado where they hope the distance will help erase painful memoriesDavid Stoltzfus's family moved to Colorado for reasons he doesn't nderstand But Canaan is turning out to be something other than the promised land they all anticipated Fearing that a health condition will cut his life short David plans to return home to Paradise Pennsylva. Seek Me with All Your HeartAre adamant they can never be than friendsEmily and David begin to
Fall In Love But 
in love but fears of his rejection of her once and David begin to fall in love but Emily fears of his rejection of her once knows her secret and David fears the same thing of Emily What will it take for them to see that the truth will set them freeSEEK ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART is the first book of Ms Wiseman s newest Amish series A Land of Canaan but it does include some characters from her earlier books I have read all of Ms Wiseman s books so far and I think that SEEK ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART is the best books of hers I ve read hands down The characters are all very well developed and real and some of the secondary characters are just adorable I couldn t help but fall in love with Emily and David and even a cranky Englisch lady named Martha There is a secondary story line included in SEEK ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART which will be the main theme in book two coming in Fall of 2011 Discussion estions and a few recipes are included at the end of the book If you like Amish fiction don t miss SEEK ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART 1499 310 pages. Nia as soon as SEEK ME WITH ALL YOUR HEART 1499 310 pages. Nia as soon as can But then he meets Emily who stirs feelings in his heart despite his apprehension about the futureEmily's growing love for David surprises her but she fears that he will find out the truth about her past and reject her But what if the truth is that they are made for each other And that God longs to give them the desires of their hearts if only they will seek Him first. ,

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