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Alias Grace

Margaret Atwood ☆ 5 Free ead

So so good Alias Grace uestions the existence of an absolute truth Moreover how is what we think of as the truth informed by power structures specifically gender and class disparages Can someone who is deemed mad tell the truth Who do you believe when push comes to shove Even though this book was written in the 90s and is set in the middle of the 19th century it emains an incredibly elevant ead I couldn t help BUT READ THIS STORY AS COMMENTARY ON CURRENT DEVELOPMENTS read this story as commentary on current developments as the MeToo movement and what poignant commentary at that Margaret Atwood manages to point out injustice and SEXISM BOTH OVERT AND SUBTLE AND both overt and subtle and marked a lot of passages while eading She also gives insight into the historical treatment of mental disorders and the development of what we know think of as psychiatry which I found very fascinatingApart from the interesting and important topics it discusses Alias Grace also tells such a well crafted story and it managed to keep me completely engrossed while eading It emains an ambiguous ead until the end and it s very much the kind of book that only gives you answers if you want them while also offering some kind of esolution and closure and I eally appreciated thatI d highly ecommend Alias Grace and it s definitely the kind of book that will stick with me for a while If we were all on trial for our thoughts we would all be hanged When I first ead Alias Grace I thought it was less elevant than her other almost prophetically painful novels I changed my mind Not immediately and not deliberately But slowly steadily like a patchwork taking form I could see the novel in a new light long after I finished it It grew in my memory as it faded and all of a sudden it occurred to me that it was a masterpiece of uiet ebellion where the other novels like the Handmaid s Tale Oryx and Crake the Penelopiad or Cat s Eye are angry elouently shouted manifestosWhat is sanity That painful interregnun between phases of blissful insanity as Poe wittily claims or the opinion of the insane majority What is murder What is guilt How can one determine what eally happened if all people involved in the action live in different minds meaning different ealities How do we establish truth in the tangle of myths passions prejudices and conventionsAs always we solve the mystery of a story by telling another and Margaret Atwwod seemed to define my journey as a eader long before I knew what I was eading myselfWhen you are in the middle of a story it isn t a story at all but only a confusion a dark oaring a blindness a wreckage of shattered glass and splintered wood like a house in a whirlwind or else a boat crushed by the icebergs or swept over the apids and all aboard powerless to stop it It s only afterwards that it becomes anything like a story at all When you are telling it to yourself or to someone else I felt about Alias Grace the same way I did about probably half of Atwood s novels I ve ead so far I just didn t fully get it Nobody conveys Life ain t easy for a woman message as well as Atwood Past present future the living is ough for women It is particularly unpleasant for Grace Marks a young servant girl in mid 19th century Canada accused of murdering her employer and his housekeeper with the help of her co worker and alleged paramour and who is locked up first in an insane asylum and then prison Atwood finds a way to explore plenty of issues from a feminist standpoint here poverty servitude sexual epression violence insanity and does is marvelouslyWhat didn t work for me was Grace s story itself Evidently this eal life criminal case got a lot of attention back in a day Was Grace a cunning murderess Or did her supposed lover force her to participate in this gruesome crime Did she make up her convenient memory loss People speculated about this 150 years ago without coming to any definitive conclusion Atwood doesn t give any answers in her fictionalized version either After establishing Grace s character so well the author failed in my eyes to come up with a convincing solution to the mystery or a believable motivation for either scenario If Grace was in fact the evil murderess why did she desire to kill her master And if her co conspirator was in charge what was his eason I never understood thisI appreciate ambiguity on fiction but what is the point of econstructing a crime examining it if you do not give any opinion as to what actually took place Frustrating and the eal curse of Eve was having to put up with the nonsense of Adam who as soon as there was any trouble blamed it all on her Grace is a murderess She collaborated with her coworker to kill their master and his mistress So the people say So the peo. Nel 1843 il Canada è sconvolto da un atroce fatto di cronaca nera l'omicidio del icco possidente Thomas Kinnear e della sua amante la governante Nancy Montgomery Imputata insieme a un altro servo la sedicenne Grace Marks viene spedita in carcere e sospettata di insanità mentale in manicomio A lungo oggetto dei giudizi contrastanti dell'opinione pubblica. Ple want to believe Because let s face it where s the in a committed only by a man There s no "in a murder committed only by a man There s no nothing to stir the crowds Whereas a woman who took a life Well there s the spectacle Never mind that she may be innocent This is a perfect chance to humiliate women to place the blame on them and continue the tradition that started at the beginning of timeBut Grace knows the truth Or does sheMargaret Atwood takes the story of one of the most famous female prisoners of the 19th century and weaves a masterpiece of a novel Set in the 1840s in Canada and spanning almost 30 years this is a confession and a fascinating journey to the mind and the life of a woman who has much to say and even to hide Is she a criminal An innocent bystander A cold blooded killer Is she a victim of her weak will A small animal captured in a man s well constructed trap And does anyone want to actually listen to her When a young psychiatrist decides to dive into the darkest part of Grace s mind everything will changeThis is a novel that I consider perfect on every level I ve always believed that the finest writers can give us the conclusion at the beginning of the story and we ll still be interested and invested in the development of the action This is exactly what happens here While Atwood doesn t eveal everything at once we have all the proper materials to guess the end and there is still much space for suspense agony and speaking strictly for me anger Anger was the feeling that became my loyal companion while I was eading Anger because of the double standards of the time the conviction that a woman is guilty by definition when accused the habit of egarding women as objects for the men s pleasure ipe for the takingAnd if we come to think of it these notions are still alive today in our so called advanced era when many believe that gender euality is all done and dealt with and achieved No when I feel frightened each time I walk down a darkly lit alley each time a man sideglances at me gender euality doesn t exist Forgive me if I digress but fury comes swiftly when I think that in many parts of our planet tyranny and violence against women are considered the norm they are alive and kicking and they will never stop And where do most of these false notions come from Prejudice superstition eligious fundamentalism and the people there love to fall down in fits and talk in tongues and be saved once a summer or if available Jeremiah one of the most enigmatic characters of the story provides an excellent and extremely accurate description of the absurd eligious panic that inflicts people of every ace and every eligion The pious God fearing citizens look upon men to save them and are all too willing to believe in the condemnation of women What I enjoyed in the way this theme is delivered in Alias Grace is that Atwood inserts the influence of such stereotypes in the field of Science as well Educated men aren t immune to prejudice and they attempt to esearch Grace s case with preconceived notions in their heads Enter Simon the young psychiatrist who tries a different approach to understand the incidents and the tribulations inside Grace s soul In the process he finds much than he expected I loved the way Atwood uses the newly born ideas of Mesmerism and Magnetism and the ising of Spiritualism that became in vogue a few years later In addition she addresses the issue of Hysteria the common belief that all women were prone to uncontrollable violent fits of age another token of a society that efused to believe that women are actual human beings with the ight to seek sexual pleasure and fulfillment God forbid these are principles solely belonging to menIt s hard not to get political when it comes to Atwood s brilliant to get political when it comes to Atwood s brilliant Grace s background is a highly troubled one She comes from Ulster an extremely tormented area and becomes an immigrant to escape a country that is dying from famine and oppression Further Canada is still shaking from the 1837 uprising and the aristocracy has become even intolerant and cruel to those that are considered low and uneducated heathens In this historical and political context we can understand how crucial are the themes Atwood addresses and how elevant they are especially now The gap between the wealthy and the poor the discriminations against women the blind faithGrace is a complex intriguing character In my opinion she etains characteristics of the Unreliable Narrator because are we actually certain that her views on events and people are accurate She comes across as a very sympathetic level headed brave considerate dignified woman She s not afraid to express mistrust or uncertainty and has. Propensa a vedere in lei ora una santa ora una carnefice la protagonista di uesto omanzo può finalmente accontare la propria vita al giovane dottore Simon Jordan Convinto di mettere le proprie conoscenze al servizio della verità sul caso e al tempo stesso contribuire al progresso della scienza psicologica Jordan non potrà fare a meno di estare ammalia. ,

The self discipline to keep her most controversial thoughts secret until the opportune moment Atwood takes us into Grace s mind before she speaks and succeeds in creating a complete picture of our heroine However there is still an aura of mystery surrounding her and a strange underlying sensuality and dark innocenceApart from Grace we have two male characters that are eually interesting and mysterious Simon and Jeremiah Simon is very complex in my opinion Very eal and perplexing He is not free from his own demons he has some fairly obscure ideas about sexual pleasure but He Desires Progress desires progress and has travelled extensively and believes he has all the necessary means to tackle Grace s strange case However he isn t prepared enough for what is about to come Simon gave me much trouble as I was trying to understand him and ealise his motives He is mysterious and there is definitely a darkness inside him so he is an excellent counterpart of Grace Jeremiah is a walking iddle A man of the world a magnetic presence an enigma This eview may come across as passionate or even politically incorrect but when books make you feel so many powerful emotions after eading a few chapters you know they have succeeded When the author is Margaret Atwood you know you are in the safest hands possible This is a classic a novel that should definitely be included in the finest of the 20th century Oh and certain misogyniststrollspseudo scholars that have been lurking on GR lately better stay away from Atwood s novels like The Handmaid s Tale or Alias Grace They will prove bad for you sensitive moral values and blood pressure What is believed in society is not always the euivalent of what is true but as egards to a woman s eputation it amounts to the same thing My eviews can also be found on Sometimes I whisper it over to myself Murderess Murderess It ustles like a taffeta skirt along the floor Highlight of 2017 for meA pure gem That is Alias Grace for me Another grand work of Margaret Atwood Atwood described as one of the most brilliant and unpredictable novelists alive Literary Reviewand also A witty elegant generous and patient writer I would say a strong minded self willed wayward writer sometimes also dark and uthless This story keeps you hooked from beginning to end following Grace Marks in her troubled life A colourful multifaceted and intriguing story that keeps you eading for than 500 pages This is how Atwood describes the story outline in her Author s Afterword which I ecommend everyone to ead in full About Grace is a work of fiction although it is based on eality Its central figure Grace Marks was one of the most notorious Canadian women of the 1840s having been convicted of murder at the age of sixteen The Kinnear Montgomery murders took place the age of sixteen The Kinnear Montgomery murders took place July 23 1843 and were extensively eported not only in Canadian newspapers but in those of the United States and Britain The details were sensational Grace Marks was uncommonly pretty and also extremely young Nancy Montgomery had previously given birth to an illegitimate child and was Thomas Kinnear s mistress at her autopsy she was found to be pregnant Grace and her fellow servant James McDermott had un away to the US together and were assumed by the press to be loversThe trial was held in early November Only the Kinnear murder was tried McDermott was hanged in front of a huge crowd on November 21 but opinion about Grace was divided from the start and due to the efforts of her lawyer and a group of espectable gentlemen petitioners who pleaded her youth the weakness of her sex and her supposed witlessness her sentence was commuted to life She continued to be written about over the course of the century and she continued to polarize opinion Attitudes towards her eflected contemporary ambiguity about the nature of women was Grace a female fiend and temptress the instigator of the crime and the eal murderer of Nancy Montgomory or was she an unwilling victim forced to keep silent by McDermott s threats and by fear of her own life So this story takes you in than 500 pages in a uiet pace through the life of Grace and a variety of characters surround her in the progress of the story Including the fascinating Dr Jordan who comes into play to assess Grace and in that process we witness his struggle and moral declineAs Atwood says in her afterword she stayed with the historical facts but there were gaps there or unclaritiesvarious versions and in that case she took the liberty to fill those gaps in What can I say I think Atwood is a true artist solid writing sharp observations great writing What can I want 5 stars and highly ecommended I m a fan was already now it s official. To da uesta personalità complessa e inafferrabile Il dialogo che si instaura tra i due si trasforma nel itratto psicologico di una persona due volte vittima del sistema sociale in uanto povera e in uanto donna e assurge a denuncia delle enormi contraddizioni di una società maschilista e tormentata da conflitti interni perché incapace di accettare l'altr. .