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Asy going one that takes his job and the protection of others very seriously Ciaran is a serious character that has a very amusing seriously Ciaran is a serious character that has a very amusing and way of thinking She eels like she is always been used and has just gotten out of a bad relationship and sworn of men so she isn t happy when she inds herself mated with Keoni They resolve this issue is in a scene
that is intense 
is intense lively Dreams Dark Kiss is a dark and slightly twisted story It captures your attention with its complex world and uniue characters However the book seems almost as it was cut off short Right when it elt like it was nearing the middle of the book the story came to its climax and ended shortly after It was almost like the middle of the book was left out When it reached the point where it could expand the story and delve into the relationship between Keoni and Ciaran it veered towards the end instead and leaves you eeling disappointed It s a good story that had the potential to be much better In Dreams Dark Kiss Shirin Dubbin gives readers a detailed description of the Dream World making uite easy to picture With that and her two main characters Keoni the hot leading man and Ciaran a eisty ass kicking heroine you have the recipe or leading man and Ciaran a eisty ass kicking heroine you have the recipe Mastering Gephi Network Visualization for good PNR novel The witty dialogue bo If you re lookingor a story that s excellently crafted and imaginative as all hell this is the one The Canadian Regime for you Give yourself about two chapters to get into it and let the book really work on your psyche I have no doubt you ll enjoy it just as much as I did Truly an outstanding work. Rt not even this oneTogether they must use their powers to stop the ankou pack leaders before they take dominion over the waking world But will Keoni's own dream of saving tainted souls lead them right into a tr. Niue approach that had me reading toind out about the world and creatures that exist within itCiaran was a likable protagonist and creatures that exist within itCiaran was a likable protagonist her story was about the world and creatures that exist within itCiaran was a likable protagonist and her story was From her abusive relationship to her world turning upside down with the discovery that she is then she thought possible we are drawn in to her life and can sympathise with the situation she inds herself in It was interesting watching her psyche and injuries sustained by her ex repair in the presence of Keoni a Sumnian or rather Dream Guardian that she has chosen Unwittingly To Bond With Keoni Also Is to bond with Keoni also is extremely lovable character His carefree easy going nature often makes it Dreams Dark Kiss by Shirin Dubbin is a uick novella that takes you deep into a antastical world It starts out a little confusing with a plot that is difficult to wrap your head around but things start to make sense shortly into it though there are still areas of the book that are difficult to understand The author creates a very complex world illed with dreamscapes and nightmarish creatures called ankou It s a ascinating world and the premise was excellent the descriptions just needed to be clearer and less tangled The characters are different and interesting Ciaran seeks help rom the dream guardians when she is being attacked by a bane she chooses Keoni to help her and unwittingly chooses him as her mate as well Their interactions together are a joy to read with the exception of Keoni s occasional use of an accent which sounded like gibberish then words His character is a happy and T let it happen againKeoni Maka patrols the dreamscape keeping humankind safe When he senses Ciaran's distress he offers to ight by her side orever She accepts but she has vowed not to let a man invade her hea. ,
35 StarsReview provided by Black Lagoon ReviewsDreams Dark Kiss by Shirin Dubbin is
an interesting novella 
interesting novella with action a soul mate
is an interesting novella illed with action a soul mate romance and an original plot based in the world of dreams With intricate world development as well as marvelously written characters the world Dubbin s created has a lot of potential However I should mention that due to its length this novella did leave me hanging a bit While the story is resolved and is nicely done at that the overall disappointment at having the story end so uickly stuck with me I would have liked to see the characters and romance explored a bit as well as gotten information on the Dreaming and it s inhabitants in general So while this story didn t disappoint the overall breadth of the material didThe world created known as the Dreaming is complex illed with creatures and rules that defy the imagination An interesting realm where all of your Shadow Bound fantasies and nightmares come to life and also the road that souls must travel to reach theirinal destination the Otherside But this is only a small piece of the Dreaming We uickly come to discover that this realm is larger and diverse then we or the protagonist initially realized Likewise the creatures and beings that inhabit the world and the rules that govern the Dreaming are complicated then originally believed as well Some of these creatures even wish to extend their reach into the Waking World and Mapapansin Kaya? for that they need Ciaran and the abilities she is only just discovering Overall this was an interesting and They'll comeor her tonightThe ankou A legion of nightmares Buntus Foclora fugitiverom the Dreaming have set their sights on Ciaran Letang She is the key to their darkest purpose But Ciaran has been used before and she won'. Dreams Dark Kiss