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Shrink Rap will make a terrific reference book anyone who needs mental health care or knows someone who needs mental health as it seeks to the stigma often attached to mental illness that keeps people from seeking the care they need The authors provide a well written well informed and interesting look at the mental health care system in Shrink Rap I m not sure I m the intended audience for this book but I did get through it uickly and without complaint I see it as a good discussion of psychiatry in various forms and in mostly laymans terms Much of the information was stuff I know from psych classes and from personal experience with the mental health system but there is certainly value in hearing from a doctor s perspective I m already pretty familiar with the standards for psychotherapy and the various different approaches The confusing explanations of how mental health care insurance works and the explanations of medication interactions were particularly interesting to me howeverI appreciate the LOOOOONG reading list at the end of the book although I think that might be better suited to being interspersed within the text maybe at the end of relevant chapters The conversational tone of the writing and the freuent real life examples kept the book from being a dry psych textbook The example case studies were wide ranging and show the variety of work these three psychiatrists do I think the differing perspectives do help expand the understanding of what psychiatry really is and how crucial it is to a variety of aspects of society that we may not consider I selected this book from the Vine program because I thought I knew a lot about psychiatry I am a public defender who has successfully employed an insanity defense at a probation violation hearing I work with forensic psychologists on a regular basis and my brother is a psychiatrist himself I was pleasantly surprised then to find so many surprises in this terrific bookThe book is co written by three authors who try hard to develop a collaborative voice they are successful although there is some repetition between chapters that would likely have been ironed out with fewer authors and while the tone of the book is often dry and academic the authors are faithful to inject humanity and humor wherever possible For example there is a chapter about possible dangers of unprofessional psychiatry experiences and

poor hypothetical patient goes from a life draining borderline to an and their poor hypothetical patient goes from being a life draining borderline to an the top drug dealing split personality with unsubstantiated claims of childhood molestation and while they clearly take their ob seriously this is a time when they ust have some fun spinning out worst case scenarios The book also has helpful and straightforward chapters ranging from how someone decides to seek treatment to how psychiatric medications work to how psychiatrists get paid There are many hypothetical patients and doctors to allow the authors to really illustrate their points and if no chapter provides an exhaustive discussion of the topic each is thorough enough that I really felt like I learned somethingI expected this book to be interesting and I was surprised to find it fantastic This should be a textbook in every college Psychology 101 course and anyone with any connection at all to the mental health system will love Charge to the controversial involuntary hospitalization The authors face the field's shortcomings head on revealing what other doctors may not admit about practicing psychiatryCandid and humorous Shrink Rap gives a closeup view of psychiatry peering into technology treatments and the business of the field If you've ever wondered how psychiatry really works let the Shrink Rappers explai. ,

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A little bit sluggish to get through from start to finish so skipped around a bit Some parts were off for example the explanations about commitment are something that can vary greatly depending on state but overall ok introduction to different sorts of patients and how psychiatrists work in different situations Shrink Rap Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work is a guide book to modern psychiatry With the help of fictions patients the three authors paint a portrait of psychiatric work in many situations Beginning with what to expect when getting help the authors cover the personal situations of help What an evaluation encompasses what the psychiatric system is like why people seek care and psychotropic medications psychiatric system is like why people seek care and psychotropic medications the latter part of the book the authors address different work places that psychiatrists see patients what happens if something goes wrong how psychiatry operates within the prison system the hospital system and legal systems The business of psychiatry and disagreements in the field are also mentioned before ending with the future of psychiatry I thought this book had a lot to offer and provided me with information I wasn t even aware of It is a guide and a bit dryly written but also very readable In Shrink Rap three MD s involved in the psychology industry Dinah Miller Annette Hanson and Steven Roy Daviss explore the modern landscape of diagnostic criteria treatment the path to recovery and much through this guide to the industry The book alternates between stories of different patients intended to portray different situations and their solutions Chapters cover topics like the decision to get help a walk through the system different reasons why people might seek care psychotherapy prescription medication as alternative treatment making medical decisions for others mental disorders as a legal defense psychiatry in a hospital setting psychiatry as business including insurance networks preventing lawsuits influences of the pharmaceutical industry etc controversial topics that divide psychiatrists and the future of psychiatry The book itself is very detailed and covers all the topics in depth using hypothetical patient cases to illustrate the material discussed Recommended for students people working in the industry patients and anyone interested in modern psychology As a medical interpreter I relay what was said in one language in another so technically I only have to grok the words However it helps if I know what the speakers are thinking and why THEY SAY THE THINGS THEY DO IN MANY CASES say the things they do In many cases patient s thoughts are simple OW Ow ow ow ow ow a little help here In acute cases the uestions make sense You have a fever ache and chills have you been in contact with anyone who has the flu The one specialty that tends to throw me off though is psychiatry uestions seem to come out of left field and I have no idea what s going on in the doctor s headLuckily the three doctors who wrote this book have my back They each have a different area of expertise hospital psychiatry forensic psychiatry and psychotherapy and their combined depth of knowledge is evident and awesome We re shown scenarios with fictitious patients explaining why the also fictitious doctors ask the uestions they do when and why certain medications should be avoided and what they hope the patient will achieve Finally a book that explains everything you ever wanted to know about psychiatryIn Shrink Rap three psychiatrists from different specialties provide frank answers to uestions such as What is psychotherapy how does it work and why don't all psychiatrists do it When are medications helpful What happens on a psychiatric unit Can Prozac make people suicidal Why do many doctors not like Xana. Ia treatment This look inside psychiatrists heads was invaluable for me I was able to think about cases I m familiar with and finally realize why a certain medication was stopped or why the doctor asked a seemingly unrelated uestion I have yet to interpret in an institutional setting but I now feel much prepared to tackle a ail or involuntary hospitalization assignment The legal system is different where I am of course but the basic tenants of treatment remain the sameIn a similar vein there is a lot of discussion about how psychiatrists are reimbursed and how
or that insurance authorizes treatment isn t relevant to me and things have probably changed under the Affordable Care Act but it s still interestingThe writing is clear and easy to follow striking a balance between argon and a general writing style If you have some kind of contact with mental health professionals like me or an interest in the area you ll love Shrink Rap I m not sure I would push it on friends not into medical non fiction though give them some Mary Roach first I liked the beginning part and the middle and end ust got boring also they mentioned every mental disorder under the sun except for OCD that annoyed me but overall this book taught me a lot I thought this would be a in depth exploration of psychiatrists and how they approach certain problems Instead it reads like a high school level class on what psychiatry actually is There was nothing insightful in the book The only people I can imagine getting use out of this book would be those who think they might want to see a psychiatrist but know nothing about it and want to learn or maybe family members of people seeing psychiatrists who know nothing about it It was not useful or interesting to me at all I won t rate it since I m a co author on the book but I do appreciate the comments on GoodReads about Shrink Rap Readers would know this but we do have a blog called Shrink Rap where you can continue the conversation on many of these topics many of our posts have dozens of comments In addition if you prefer audio we have sixty some podcasts on My Three Shrinks also on iTunes w50 reviewsFinally a couple of good give backs to the Good Readers We have made available the list of Suggested Readings from our book HERE And here is an annotated list of Our Readers List of Best Shrinky BooksThank youSteve Daviss MD Shrink Rap Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work List of Best Shrinky BooksThank youSteve Daviss MD Shrink Rap Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work Dinah Miller MD MD Shrink Rap Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work Dinah Miller MD Hanson M D and Steven Roy Daviss M D explain the way psychiatrists perform their obs They give detailed explanations of the process and example of possible scenarios to illustrate the various aspects of psychiatry Written for the layman to understand the process the book still calls for the reader to pay close attention in order to internalize all the nuances included While the psychiatrists don t always agree they reflect the myriad differences throughout the psychiatric community They discuss talk therapy medicinal treatment hospitalization outpatient care and treatment within the legal system in enough depth to demystify psychiatry for most readers Still the book does reuire a certain level of knowledge to fully assimilate the material Shrink Rap is a book the reader should plan to spend some time reading and studying It is filled with a lot of useful information. X Why do we have an insanity defense Why do people confess to crimes they didn't commitBased on the authors' hugely popular blog and podcast series this book is for patients and everyone else who is curious about how psychiatrists work Using compelling patient vignettes Shrink Rap explains how psychiatrists think about and address the problems they encounter from the mundane how much to. .
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